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Welcome! I'm Louisa, aka Little Ms. Bossy. I'm a freelance opera stage director, and I've been blogging on and (a lot of) off since 2007. Along with my husband CameraMan and our two cats, I'm traveling the world and writing here about our adventures.

I'm so glad you're here.

Photo by the amazing Simon Pauly


  1. rosejean goddardMay 16, 2010 at 6:52 AM

    I like the description of LMB - succinct, pithy and entertaining.
    I might borrow a quote or two when extolling the awesome talents of my wonderful granddaughter....with a bit of bragging about CM as well!
    Love to both of you, Grandma Bossy

  2. Finally I found you Little Ms. Bossy, Grandma Bossy sent me you blog. I started to read it and really enjoy your writting a lot, your interview, so interesting although I know very little about opera...
    Keep writing and enjoy Europe! Your Uruguayan Aunt Bossy Ruth hoping some day will get to know you personally!!! Uruguay will welcome you!

  3. Hello Louisa, love! I too have finally found your blog. I was in the right place, and it must've been the right time!

    I love the glorious pictures of Vienna, you & CM and the lives you've carefully crafted for yourselves. It gives me so much pleasure to see your beautiful smile even from such a distance and in such a fashion.

    Patrick, the cats and I salute you. He is sick and asleep while they are curled around us. As long as I have my little pack around me things are just fine!

    Go forth and prosper, you brilliant, beautiful creature! Love to CM as well. The way lives are going I don't know WHEN I will see you again, but I love you and am tremendously proud of you.


  4. Hi!!

    This is Aditi. I came across your blog on Vienna Expats and found it interesting.
    My fiance and I are moving to Vienna this July, and we are both excited and nervous about it. I am currently living in the US and the whole ordeal of moving across continents seems challenging and daunting to us (right now at least). But, we are super excited about the move.

    I just stopped by to say hi. And also to let you know that I will add you to my flickr contacts list (I hope you won't mind), because I recently (9 days ago, to be precise) started taking one picture a day and posting them on flickr, and I noticed that you do too!

    I hope we meet sometime if our paths cross in Vienna.

    Take care,


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