Happy weekend!

Friends, have you had a good week? We have been spending lots of time attempting to make Big Life Decisions, and it has left me with very little brain space for things like blogging, or taking photos, or ANYTHING ELSE. Phew. I will try to use the weekend to calm down. Apologies for the vagueblogging.

In the meantime, some links:

I love when hardworking, talented people are recognized for their work.

We have been sitting around listening to this like some old-timey couple in an era before TV existed. You should too.

When I need comfort food, I always come back to this. (But I halve the recipe.)

This better be amazing.

My cousin Gunnar made this cool thing.

Proud of my alma mater.

I finally tracked down some brown sugar in Vienna, so I will probably make these this weekend.

Are we still saying "girl crush"? If so, this.

And here's what's happening all the time at our place:

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with bowls of warm comfort food, snuggly cats, and a newly found Zen attitude. xoxo LMB

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