Oscar-nominated animated short films

We took a couple days at the beginning of the week to rest and recover from the past few weeks (months?). Mostly we lazed around in pajamas reading (Gillian Flynn for me, George Saunders for him) and watching old West Wing episodes. We did, however, manage to leave the house on Monday to go to the movies. Our local Sundance theatre is showing all the Oscar-nominated animated shorts, along with a few that made it to "Highly commended" but didn't actually get nominated. I always try to see as many of the movies as possible before the Oscars, but usually when the animated shorts category gets called I haven't seen a single one.

It was fun to see them on the big screen, but you can actually watch 4 out of 5 of them on YouTube! Go figure. Which is your favorite?

Head Over Heels

Adam and Dog


Fresh Cuts

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