Happy weekend!

So apparently this is a "long" weekend, but for us it's TWO whole consecutive days, so we're happy. We're planning daily bike rides and lots of cooking and as much movie watching as possible (so much to do before February 24th!) It's so rare that our schedules mesh, so we are taking full advantage. What do you have planned this weekend?

While we're enjoying some much-needed time together, a few links for you:

I want to go to there.

Our new favorite.

This makes me laugh.

I recently went here to buy baby shower gifts for a friend and practically died from cuteness.

I love this site.

In a rare break from hissing at each other and biting us:

Hope your weekend is full of together time, sunshine, and bitey kittens! xoxo LMB


  1. Aw, your kitties are so cute! although the biting isn't super sweet :)

    Hope you had a good weekend! Bike rides sound like an amazing way to spend some time together :)

  2. Thanks, Deidre! It turned out to be the most gorgeous bike riding weather in Houston all weekend. Then Monday morning it started raining—time to go back to work. :)


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