Happy Nemo weekend!

Friends, are you staying warm and dry and safe this weekend?? I hope so! I'm home in Houston for a super-quick trip to see CM play a concert last night. I had a couple meetings today, but mostly I'm just chewing my fingernails and hoping I can make it back to NYC tomorrow morning. Flashback. If I get there, I'll be in the city for only 24 hours for the last Elisir of the season and my friend's baby shower. Sunday I head home for 3 weeks! And just in time, as it turns out the kitten does not know her own mother anymore ("And whose fault is that," a wise friend asked me pointedly when I complained about it today). My husband seems to remember me just fine. Phew.

While you're snowed in, a few links:

This looks so cool. If I ever start running again, I will certainly invest.

I've always wanted to go to this. I think I'll be in rehearsals both days, so this probably isn't the year, but it seems like a good use of a Saturday, no?

In my ongoing attempt to look more like a grown-up, I walked into Sephora this week and begged for help choosing a lipstick. I ended up with this one in Sonya, and it's perfection.

I know I'm coming late to this party, but I finally saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi this week. OH, what a lovely film. See it!

I'm listening to this on repeat. And wishing we had HBO so I could watch Season 2.

Look at this wild jungle beast. Isn't she fierce?

Hope your weekend is filled with cozy slippers, hot cocoa, and comfort food. xoxo LMB

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