Guten Tag, 2013!

2013 is beginning very auspiciously—I'm home! Since I got back yesterday afternoon, I have been soaking up all the time I can with CM and the kitties in our beautiful house. Monday's opening was a great success, and the gala party in the Grand Tier afterwards was fabulous, of course, but I could not be happier to be home.

I've been thinking a lot about goals for the year, how I'd like to grow, what I'd like to accomplish. Rather than making a lot of big resolutions, I'd like to focus on the little things—doing more of those things that make me happy, and less of what doesn't.

For 2013, MORE…

  • homemade coffee
  • wearing of lipstick
  • throwing of dinner parties
  • reading for pleasure
  • staycations
  • phone dates
  • braising of meat
  • writing
  • nights in
  • spontaneous adventures
  • taking of photos
  • intentional packing for gigs
  • after-dinner walks

  • wondering what I should do with my life (duh, this)
  • procrastination
  • constant checking of email
  • accumulation of stuff
  • internet rabbit holing
  • mediocre yet expensive dining out
  • streaming Netflix
  • cynicism
  • time without my husband

What about you? Did you make resolutions this year?

Buenos dias, 2012
Grüß Gott, 2011
Buongiorno, 2010
Bonjour, 2009

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  1. ooh, nice goals. Great minds think alike...

    I just made myself some goals (vs hard-fast resolutions)

    As for lipstick, I highly recommend Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It looks great (and different) on EVERYBODY... found at Sephora...


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