Happy weekend!

How was your week, my dears? I've been struggling, as we all have, to find moments of lightness and joy after last week's tragedy. I'm so happy that CM arrives today to bring me out of the doldrums. This weekend we'll get cracking on our December list.

Some links to occupy you while we're at the circus:

I love this software that automatically adjusts the lighting on your computer at night. No more blue glow!

Thoughts on staying in love (via Planting Dandelions).

ACK! Puggles!

I enjoyed this article about Deb Perelman. Have you bought the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook yet?

Send a call from Santa.

How to help.

CM made his first batch of barrel-aged negronis! Don't they look gorgeous? (Custom-made labels are from Pinhole Press.)

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with holiday celebrations, hot chocolate, and strength in numbers. xoxo LMB

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