Happy weekend!

Have you had a good week, friends? Somehow this one has managed to both fly by AND be completely exhausting. Any good plans for the weekend? I've scheduled some time with friends, some time at work, and some time with colleagues at a Christmas party. Let the eggnog flow.

For your weekend, some links:

I don't really need one, but I'm wishing for this like crazy.

Homemade Girl Scout cookies!

If you're wondering what to get me for Christmas, I would also take any one of these.

Baby krazy? You might not want to look at my college friend Erin's website.

Owl Jolson! Amazing.

CM sent me this amazing pic of BOTH cats kneading our bedroom rug. We're so close to the dream (the 2 of them sleeping snuggled together in a pile, obvs).

Hope your weekend is filled with wassail, twinkly lights, and good cheer. xoxo LMB


  1. That teapot and yet you rejected the cow butter plate.

  2. The teapot is cute. If I needed another teapot...... And the owl is adorable......


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