Auf wiedersehen, 2012!

I took some time this weekend to reflect on this year that's almost over. Compared to the few that came before, it was pretty sedate. We didn't move house, not once, across the world or the country or the street. We didn't make any huge life-altering decisions. We worked, and traveled, and lived our lives as they are. I think we had a good year.

Some highlights:

I survived Don Giovanni, Sweeney Todd, Le nozze di Figaro, L'elisir d'amore, Don Giovanni again (in which I had my first Met directing credit), and Maria Stuarda (assuming all goes as planned tonight).

I took a cruise with Legs McGee. Cruises might not be my thing, but I'll happily travel with Legs again, anytime, anywhere.

I crossed off 3 Bossy List items: #12,  #9, and #56.

I started taking my health more seriously. I visited doctors and dentists. I took up running again, and ran my first 5K race. I finished the Whole 30. I dabbled in Paleo and felt the best (and lightest) I've felt in years. Then I fell off the wagon. I think I'd like to climb back on in 2013. Who's with me?

I spent a glorious 2 months in Europe with CM—1 month at idyllic Glyndebourne, and 1 month traveling around and hearing lots of opera. I crossed off 3 more countries toward my goal of eating a meal in every European country.

I vowed to make the most of my free time in New York, and started the Sundays in New York feature. It worked—I fell in love with the city again.

We added a new member to our family: the adorable Bossy Kitten! She stole our hearts, and even the Bossy Cat is getting used to her.

I spent 183 days with CM, and 115 days at home. I'd like to break some records next year.

Tonight I'll have my last opening night of the year, and then say goodbye to 2012 in style on the Met's Grand Tier. I'm wishing you all a wonderful night. See you next year.

Adios, 2011
Tschüss, 2010
Addio, 2009
Adieu, 2008


  1. Best wishes for a Happy New Year to the Bossy household.

  2. Congratulations on a 2012 well-spent and here's to an awesome 2013!


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