Do you guys know about Taschen, a German publisher of amazing coffee table-worthy books on art, design, and travel? The Strand has a special mezzanine devoted to Taschen books, and whenever I browse I always want to take them all home with me (it's probably a good thing I don't actually live here). They're mostly pretty affordable (except when they're not), and they're beautiful.

When we were in Brussels, we happened to pass a Taschen store, and CM and I were mesmerized by the variety of books. I'm dying to visit all the stores. Don't you love bookstores?

If I was planning a Taschen Christmas, here's what I would buy my loved ones:

For Mama Bossy:
Design for Obama
A collection of posters from the 2008 campaign.

For Papa Bossy:
Early Travel Photography
The photographs of Burton Holmes, who took incredible travel photos at the beginning of the last century.

For CameraMan:
Audrey Hepburn
CM's favorite.

For myself:
4 Cities
Pocket-sized guides to Paris, New York, London, and Berlin. Why don't I own this already?

Which ones would you put on your wish list?

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