Happy weekend!

Oh my goodness, things have been busy. For you too? I think it's that time of year. What are you up to this weekend? Something wintry and festive? Now that my second opening of the season is over with, I'm deep in rehearsals for the third. But not ALL weekend, and luckily CM is coming back to town. We're planning some holiday festivities—I think we'll buy our Christmas tree this weekend!

In the meantime, some linkety links:

Fab holiday shops!

Can't get enough of this.

An excellent reason to go to midtown.

Gentlemen, CM swears by this.

I've probably linked to this before, but it deserves another look. Oh, aspiration...

Lola and Lucy are keeping CM very busy taking photos of them at their cutest. I mean, honestly:

Hope your weekend is filled with peppermint hot chocolate, skinny pants with boots, and snuggling under blankets. xoxo LMB

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  1. I will spend the whole weekend snuggling under a blanket so that no one will see me in my skinny pants.


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