Happy weekend!

Well, friends, I'm safe and sound (and dry!) in Manhattan. My flight was smooth and not too crowded (I even snagged an exit row with an empty seat next to me), there was no gridlock on the George Washington Bridge, and my sublet (found on Craigslist—eep!) is quirky and lovely. Phew. This week was stressful and strange. I felt like I was in 2 places at once, and the uncertainty of whether I was actually leaving yesterday drove me crazy. It's good to be here. Back to regular programming next week.

What's on the docket for you this weekend? Any big plans for that extra hour? I'm getting settled, transitioning back into full-time work mode, and planning to patronize some local establishments (lots of businesses have lost huge amounts of money because of the storm).

While I'm settling in, some links for you:

Amazing Sandy photos.

What a sweet idea.

Highly recommend.

This arrived this week. Can't wait to get started!

DIY cat costume.

Here's the Bossy Cat fishing for kittens:

Hope your weekend is filled with exploration, hot cocoa, and POWER! xoxo LMB


  1. ... and dry? Pubs are closed? ;-) Anyway, you managed again to dodge the direct blow of a hurricane. We are thinking about New York - Ich bin ein New Yorker...

  2. Glad you are there safe and sound!

    I'll be spending a lot of time with family - our oldest dog just got diagnosed with a fatal illness so we're trying to treasure his time with us.


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