Vacation beard

I'm suffering from a serious case of Europe Withdrawal this week. The only thing for it is to relive our fabulous summer and plan our next trip (tentatively the month of June in Berlin, but that might change). Shall we devote this week on the blog to all things Europe? Yes, let's.

Starting with my husband's facial hair, of course. Whenever we're on vacation, CM stops shaving, except for the occasional trim to keep things neat. We call it "vacation beard," and I love love love it.

Exhibit A: First day of vacation last summer (at Sekt Comptoir in Vienna)

This is CM's usual look (plus lovey eyes).
Exhibit B: Last day of vacation (on the London Eye)

Isn't he handsome? It's always a sad day when the vacation beard comes off—back to reality.

Do you have any vacation rituals that help you relax? I try never to blow dry my hair on vacation (usually it's like this or like this). Also, wine with lunch never hurts.

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  1. Your Grandpa Bossy always grew a vacation beard, too. Papa Bossy, on the other hand, has evidently been on vacation ever since I've know him.


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