We threw a little dinner party on Sunday night, and I tried out the toasting tradition I stole from my friend. Before dessert we poured prosecco and everyone made a toast. After the first couple toasts, we were getting tired of clinking everyone's glass each time (8 people x 8 toasts = too many glass clinks).

Our German friend Simon told us that where he's from, there's a toasting shortcut! Here's how it works. Instead of touching every other glass with yours, everybody touches their glass to the table edge. We quickly switched to that method. Simon says that in Germany if you forget to touch your glass to the table, someone will invariably yell "KONTAKT!" to remind you.

On Sunday we toasted to friendships new and old, and to second chances, and to the luxury of all being in the same place, if only for the briefest of moments.

What are you toasting to these days?


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