Happy weekend!

What do y'all have planned for the weekend, friends? Something fun? And is it just me, or has this week just flown by? Tonight is the opening of the HGO season, so we're getting dressed up in our black tie finest and seeing opening night of Bohème.

While I'm admiring how handsome my husband looks in a tux, some links:

This is the map I need to navigate NYC.

Loved this article about a man, a Fitbit, and Paris.

Cool street art.

Our go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. #paleoschmaleo

Fascinating post.

This is what it looks like around our house much of the time.

Hope your weekend is full of champagne toasts, cookies warm from the oven, and cat safari! xoxo LMB

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  1. Happy weekend, indeed! I can't wait for my new Fitbit to arrive! It'll be worth losing most of October tracking wise. I miss a pedometer!


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