Happy weekend!

My dears, what's on tap for you this weekend? Any big plans? We're planning a long bike ride, a trip to the new Houston Trader Joe's, and maybe a movie night (we want to see this). It's lovely to be home.

Some linky goodness for you:

We made these for cocktail hour at our dinner party last weekend. Delicious.

I had new headshots taken this week, and I realized the night before that I had nothing to wear. One quick sweep through Anthropologie and I walked out with this in blue, which turned out to be the perfect thing for the photos. I also couldn't resist taking this beauty home with me. I'm craving new fall clothes with a vengeance!

LOVED this book. Somehow managed to read it in a day. Cried at some point in every chapter. Don't judge.

My life is full.

This is on my to-make list.

Here's Lola being cute, which is apparently her full-time job. My hand is there for scale, obvs.

Hope your weekend is full of date nights, fall foliage, and purry kittens! xoxo LMB

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  1. Crossed paws in kittens and puppies gets me EVERY TIME!

    Adorable shirts! Makes me want to get skinny so I can wear cute blouses like those!


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