Fingers crossed

I had a shockingly short and easy phone conversation with a United representative this morning (seriously, under 5 minutes from start to finish, including a teensy bit of hold time), and I'm rebooked onto a flight to Newark tomorrow instead of my original La Guardia flight (have you seen those pictures?!). It looks like about half of the Houston-Newark flights today were cancelled, but the others have left mostly on schedule, so I'm hoping the travel gods will smile down on me. I've booked a car service to get me to Manhattan from Newark since trains and subways will probably not be up and running yet when I arrive. I'm wishing that I was staying within walking distance of Lincoln Center, but I'm very happy and relieved that I'm subletting uptown where there's no flooding or power outages.

All in all, I'm feeling that my timing has been extremely lucky. I'm sad to leave home, but excited (AND scared) for my next adventure—I'm making my Met directing debut in November!

My thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm. How are y'all doing???


  1. Met directing debut?? That's very exciting!

    I'm hoping that LGA opens soon - we're supposed to be flying in a host of people from there in short time!

  2. Congrats on your first directing gig at the Met! I'm so thrilled to know about it! And NOT surprised. I had the distinct pleasure of viewing you and your abilities early on! So ALL is at it should be and as expected!


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