Finding my balance

I can already tell this month at home is going to go by in a flash. I'm keeping very busy. No magazine reading, yoga class attending housewife I, no sir, not this time. I have an honest-to-goodness JOB, as drama coach to the young artists in the HGO Studio. I realized today that I haven't had a job in the city I live in since Tosca at Miller. That was in May 2010!! Crazy.

Being home is great (obvs), and I can already tell the job is going to be satisfying and varied and fun. I can also tell, however, that I'll be forced to confront issues of the elusive “work-life balance” in ways I haven't had to in a long time (and not only because we're now parents of a newborn). Generally the main question of balance I deal with is how to get the right ratio of time spent at home to time spent elsewhere. It's far from simple, but I'm mostly used to it.

This month I have the happy task of figuring out how to get all the restorative nourishment I need from being in my home with my husband, going to work every day, studying for upcoming projects, and still fitting in all that other stuff that keeps me sane: blogging, running, cooking, reading, seeing friends, kitten-nuzzling, etc. There are a finite number of hours in the day.

This is not a revelation for anyone but me, of course. This is how people live. And I am dying (DYING) to live this way myself. I dream and scheme constantly how to live and work in the same place. Now is the time to figure out the day-to-day of how it's done.

So I'm signing off now to go do some more kitten-nuzzling (and husband-cuddling—also very important).

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  1. Well, that's very exciting!! It'll be nice to work at home, won't it? Enjoy your Houston time!!


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