Faking fall

In other parts of the world I hear it's autumn. Here in Houston we're having highs in the 80s with humidity to match. And the fall foliage? Non-existent for the moment—we usually catch a few leaves mid-December for about a week.

But I adore fall; it's my favorite season. So we're faking it around here. Here's how.

I'm lighting fires in the fireplace in the morning. Completely worth the higher electricity bills (from cranking the A/C up).

I'm eating seasonally (ish). Make this immediately. Throw some brussels sprouts on the side if you're feeling healthy.

I'm wearing fall clothes. I just bought this skirt and wore it today. With bare legs and pink flats, true, but still, it's flannel and autumnal!

I'm drinking hot drinks. And I'm grinding this on top. Perfection.

I'm slowing down. I'm giving into my cravings for quiet time with books and movies and snuggly kitties.

I'm making plans. And to-do lists. And resolutions. Fall seems like the right time for big ideas.

Is it truly autumnal where you are? What are you doing to celebrate?


  1. It is truly autumnal here in STL - I celebrated by taking some fall foliage photos at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I think because of our drought - our fall will be short lived.

    I so need to go fall clothing shopping...

  2. We made the pumpkin mac and cheese AND the brussels sprouts. Rockin'!

    Alex F


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