Craving carbonara

I'm craving Italian food today for no particular reason, and not just any Italian food. I'm craving Vapiano. Have you ever been to one? It's a chain of casual Italian restaurants where you choose your pasta and your sauce and watch it being made in front of you. That sounds lame - I obviously haven't done it justice.

In Vienna, there was a Vapiano right around the corner from our apartment, and it became a weekly staple dinner for us. Now, sometimes we're hit by cravings, and TWICE this summer we tracked one down when a craving struck, once in Munich and once in London. It's our comfort food. I like campanelle carbonara with lots of garlic (Knoblauch auf Deutsch). CM likes campanelle tacchino piccante (that's spicy turkey).

There are now a number of US locations, but sadly none of them are withing striking distance of Houston, so I will table the craving for now (and perhaps revisit it when I'm back in NYC next month!).

What are you craving these days?


  1. Craving Italian sounds absolutely right for you.
    Now I'M "craving Italian" .....
    Enjoy your commentary so much.
    Thanks for making my day. . . . .

  2. Now *I'm* craving Italiano and want one of these locations near me!!


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