Bossy List remix

My birthday is coming up next week, and as ever I'm taking stock and making plans for the year ahead. I took this opportunity to revisit my somewhat neglected Bossy List, and I'm making a few changes.

Coming off the list:

4. Own a Vespa. Start a scooter gang.
It's not that I don't want to do this. I REALLY do. We know 2 people who were in recent scooter accidents in Houston, though, and general consensus in the Bossy-Melear household seems to be that scooting in this city is just too dangerous. So I'm taking it off the list (and tabling it for when we retire to Italy a few decades from now.)

65. Walk a red carpet.
In April we flew up to New York for one night to see opening night of Evita on Broadway. We were guests of the director, which sounds impossibly glamorous, and honestly, it pretty much was (not least because we randomly got upgraded to the penthouse suite at the Royalton, but I digress). There was a red carpet, and we got to flash our tickets and breeze past the dozens of fans lined up behind a barrier. We didn't walk the red carpet ourselves (because we're not celebrities), but we were red carpet adjacent, standing right next to the photographers and watching honest-to-goodness famous people arriving and posing. And you know what? That's as close as I ever need to get to walking a red carpet. Off the list!

81. Learn to schmooze for real.
While this remains a goal of course, it's one of those hard to quantify items I'll probably never be able to cross off with confidence. Tangible list items only, I think.

85. Ride a mechanical bull.
Off the list. Why? Because I'm over 30, that's why.

97. Eat a meal at the French Laundry.
So many great restaurants in the world, some of them actually in cities where I spend time. I'm making this goal more achievable.

Replaced by:

4. Complete a year-long Happiness Project.
I'm contemplating starting it on my birthday. We shall see....

65. Fly International Business Class. Preferably on an airline with flatbed seats.
That's the dream.

81. Christmas in Vienna

I missed the Christmas markets entirely the year we lived there. No one does Christmas better than Vienna. Let's go back and do it properly!

85. Spend at least 250 days with CM in a calendar year.

97. Tasting menu with wine pairings somewhere schmancy.
Per Se, perhaps?

How's your list?


  1. #65 is so worth it. I have a hard time flying non-business class now!

  2. For all that you've crossed off or are removing, makes sense... though couldn't you just count # 65 as done? walking a red carpet is fun, even if you're not WALKING the red carpet. I've walked the Academy Awards carpet - now THAT is fun!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new #3 - I think you're going to enjoy that... as well as the rest of them. Chicago's Christkindlmarket (sp???) is pretty awesome but I'm sure nothing beats Vienna's.


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