Birthday gift tip

Suppose you are shopping for your husband's birthday. And suppose that he is a well-employed adult, prone to buying the things he has his heart set on all by himself without waiting for a special occasion. This would make it awfully difficult to get him something he's dying for as a birthday present, wouldn't it?

Here's what I recommend. In the weeks and months leading up to his birthday, whenever he mentions that thing he has his eye on, that hobby he's wanting to try, you should act like it's the stupidest thing you've ever heard. Roll your eyes, forbid him from buying it, do whatever you need to do.

That way, on his birthday he'll be well and truly surprised when you buy him a whiskey barrel for making his own barrel-aged negronis. For example.

Happy birthday, CM.


  1. No amount of eye-rolling seems to keep my man from indulging in whatever wacky whim has captured his imagination. I salute your perseverance and success in this endeavor. :)


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