Three great books about food

My interests/obsessions tend to go in phases, taking my reading habits right along with them. This interest in food and how it intersects with health seems to be lasting longer than usual. Should your interests follow suit, may I recommend the following:

This is the book that started it all for me, and I can say without an ounce of hyperbole that it was life-changing. We have completely transformed the way we eat (with the exception, of course, of a couple pastry-filled European months) due in large part to this book, and both of us feel (and look) better as a result. Read it. You'll like it.

It's no surprise that I love this cookbook, since I adore the blog of the same name and often find the best recipes there. The recipes are organized narratively, and the book is full of no-nonsense tips and tricks to get dinner on the table more often. This will be our go-to for a very long time. 

I just finished reading this book on the plane to Houston, and I found it charming and immensely inspiring. It's written almost entirely in prose (and what beautiful prose it is) with some recipes thrown in, but the book is itself one big recipe for how to cook at home easily and well. The minute I finished it I wanted to start it again.

What's inspiring you these days?


  1. This probably doesn't come close to the books you have described, but I spend a week in Santa Fe this summer (for the opera of course) and ate at La Boca again twice, as I had last time. This time chef James Campbell Caruso has published a cookbook with wonderful Spanish recipes he uses in the restaurant. The book is called España, and I have already had one dinner party using mostly recipes from this book. I love reading cookbooks when they include cultural information, so this is a no brainer, and it has wonderful illustrations of the food. I highly recommend this book, the restaurant, the chef and the food!

    1. That all sounds amazing! Santa Fe has the best food. I will be sure to check out La Boca next time I'm there!

  2. I had to try to duplicate the letters and numbers about 8 times before I got them right. I probably won't stick with it that long this time. I understand why you do it, but they are impossible to read. There must be a better way to week out the spam and still let people respond. I bet a lot of people just give up.

    1. How frustrating! Sorry about that. I've turned off that feature (I didn't know I could, actually), so it should be easier to comment next time.


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