Seeking NYC sublet

Friends, I'm hoping you can help me out. I am in search of a place to live November 1–January 1 in New York. I've been hugely lucky in the past with finding sublets easily and quickly, but I haven't found one yet for this period, so I'm putting the word out.

My perfect sublet:

  • is within walking distance of Lincoln Center. I love being able to walk to and from work—it clears my head. However, if it's not that close it must be convenient to the 123 or ABCD subway lines.
  • is fully furnished. It's hard enough to pack a suitcase for 2 months without having to pack towels, too.
  • is a 1-bedroom or a spacious studio.
  • has on-site laundry.
  • is comfortable and cozy enough for CM and I to spend Christmas there.

I'm an excellent, reliable tenant. I (sadly) never throw parties, wild or otherwise. I'm tidy. I'm quiet. And I love cats, so a cat-sitting situation would be fine, too.

Any leads? If so, you can email me: And feel free to pass this one to friends.

Thank you!!

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