Happy weekend!

My dears, what do you have planned for this weekend? Is it flying home to be with your husband and your cat for an entire MONTH? No, wait, that's me!! I'm a little over-excited about it. I'm already scheduling lots of Houston things, starting with Photo Day at the Zoo.

While I'm blissfully reuniting, some links for you:

Kim is writing a series of posts about auditioning based on reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance over on the Wolf Trap blog. Thought-provoking even for those of us who (thank God) don't audition for a living.

A round-up of Elisir reviews, all from the same performance, proof of how very subjective the art of reviewing is.

90 days, 90 reasons

I'm dying to see E.T. in a movie theatre next Wednesday! Will you go (and eat Reese's Pieces)?

Our friend Isabel is featured in the latest Opera News. Isn't she lovely?

Here's a blurry picture from opening night, taken from the Grand Tier. So many pretty dresses!

Hope your weekend is filled with cappuccinos, snuggly kitties, and sweater weather. xoxo LMB

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  1. A whole month! What a luxury! Enjoy every minute... man do I miss the Houston Zoo...

    Congrats on the wonderful opening!


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