Happy weekend!

Well, my dears, what do you have planned for this gorgeous fall weekend? It's my last weekend in New York for a while(!), so I'm taking advantage by fitting in some much-needed girl time and checking out this rad art installation.

While I'm climbing 8 flights of stairs, some links for you:

Very excited about this book!

But even more excited about this!!

I want to go everywhere on this list. CM and I went to the Campbell Apartment last spring and loved it, and we actually randomly went to the Norwood Club once (I wish we were members), but all the rest are new to me.

New Fitbits! What are you waiting for?

My favorite eggs. (Particularly delicious fried in my favorite butter.)

I watched this video and then immediately donated. Yowza.

Have you liked LMB on Facebook yet?

CM sent me this ridiculous picture of the Bossy Cat on his lap. Apparently she was "drunk from too much brushing." She's so spoiled.

Hope your weekend is full of sweater weather, decadent meals, and girlfriends! xoxo LMB


  1. I might make the fitbit jump... should I wait for the One or just get the Ultra?

    1. I love the Ultra, but I would wait—maybe the Ultras will be cheaper once the One is available!


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