Happy weekend!

My dears, what are you up to this weekend? After a whirlwind couple of days in Chicago, I'm heading back to New York tomorrow on a freakishly early flight to make it to an Elisir dress rehearsal. Then I think I will sleep for a very long time, though I'll be sure to wake up in time for a Sunday adventure, of course.

For your weekend:

This makes me happy.

Also this.

Have you seen this hilarious video? I laugh every time I watch it.

A friend of mine swears that the book based on this article changed the way she thought about dating. What do you think?

I read this book in a day and loved it. As expected.

Chicago is so beautiful! I forgot how much I love this town.

Hope your weekend is full of blue skies, city walks, and plenty of sleep! xoxo LMB


  1. Sleep sleep sleep! My weekend is filled with enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has finally joined us in STL and figuring out where to store all the RAW images I'm taking... may need to consult CM about that one... I'm running out of space!!!

    1. Yeah, that's a constant problem for us as well. CM has some kind of elaborate external hard drive system going on.

  2. You "I read this book in a day and loved it" link does not work. What book was it?


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