Happy weekend!

What are you planning for this weekend? One last beach trip? Picnics in the park? I'll be in a dark theatre working for much of the time, but I'm going to a fun dinner party tomorrow night and heading out for more NYC adventures on Sunday.

When you're lazing around this weekend, check out these links:

I wish Jenny & Andy were our friends.

Wishing for this.

I love everything about this.

CM made this for me when I was home. Delicious!

We saw this movie last weekend and loved it.

The Bossy Cat was VERY happy to see me last weekend.

Hoping your weekend is filled with warm nights, iced coffee, and long walks home. xoxo LMB


  1. It's quite likely going to be a rainy weekend here in STL... and i'm working my employer's booth at the local amazing Art Fair. Hoping the rain isn't too much so I can wander around!

    Happy weekend!

    1. Art Fair sounds fun! We got lots of rain here, but luckily it was all gone by the time my free day came around.


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