First Anniversary Gift Guide

In the midst of our European adventures this summer, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary (all about the wedding here). We decided it might be fun to give each other gifts each year according to tradition, so this year's theme was Paper. Here's a mini gift guide of ideas for first anniversary gifts.

CM surprised me with this print I had been eyeing from our favorite little shop near Glyndebourne. Now it's hanging in our living room.

I had letterpressed notecards made for CM by the lovely people at Penelope's Press. He's already used some of them!

You can't go wrong with a photo album of your wedding, or your honeymoon, or your first year as boring married people. I love the albums at Pinhole Press—I made a wedding album for CM's birthday last year and we love paging through it.

That's not us. From here.

I love this print, and framed it would make a perfect gift for your partner in crime.

How about a giant blown up photo of your wedding day or a place that's meaningful to you both? I love what Jenny did, and it looks like a DIY project I could actually D.

Via Little Green Notebook

These paper cuts are amazing. What better way to commemorate your honeymoon in Paris, or your first date in Manhattan?

What kind of gifts do you give for anniversaries? Would you follow the yearly traditions? Or is it (just a little, in a good way) cheesy?

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  1. Very lovely gifts! Not that I'm surprised at all - you two would suss out the perfect gifts for each other. Happy anniversary!


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