A sweet surprise

I keep a post office box in New York so I can receive mail while I'm here. (Oddly, mail carriers sometimes have a hard time finding the Met—how is that possible???) Yesterday when I checked it there was the sweetest letterpress card from CM in there. He sent it using the Apple Cards app!

There are lots of templates to choose from. CM chose the most romantic one (of course). The paper is lovely quality and oh, I'm such a sucker for anything letterpressed, aren't you?

Inside he chose a picture of us from our morning in Florence this summer, and he included a sweet note.

He was able to design and send the whole thing from his iPhone (or maybe he used his iPad)! Each card costs $2.99 (or $4.99 to send internationally) including postage. It gets created and sent automatically without you having to make any visits to a mailbox.

Now I'm thinking of all the people I could send cards to. Maybe it's the perfect way to keep our parents updated on the activities of their grandkitty?


  1. It is lovely! I love getting real mail - even from those I keep in touch with digitally as well. It's the best feeling.

    Love the letterpress too!!

  2. Do you know which word is in Finnish?

  3. Do you know about postagram? It's an app that sends postcards from your instagram pics.... very similar. I think it is a $1 per postcard?? very cool.

    1. I didn't know about that! It looks amazing! I will have to try it out very soon.


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