Happy weekend!

What do y'all have planned for the weekend, friends? Something relaxing? I'm taking what I like to call a "Louisa Day" on Sunday, meaning I'll spend the day alone doing exactly what I want to do. I'm leaving the plans flexible so I can see what I'm in the mood for (potentially absolutely nothing).

Forthwith, links!

I know I just got back from vacation, but can I take this one?

Speaking of the Dîner en Blanc, check out this awesome time-lapse video. I love seeing the fountain go up and down!

My friend Anthony participated in this fascinating NPR conversation on the state of opera today. It's worth taking the time to read. Maybe my favorite thing he said is this: I often think of an aria that's in da capo form (meaning there's an A then a B then an A) as if you have a thought, and then your mother calls, which is the B section. And then you go back to that original thought and then you go, 'Oh no, she's right.'

Thinking of making my next Negroni with Aperol.

I love this Australian online home magazine. (It's where I discovered ixxi!)

Last night I walked a few blocks to watch the sunset over the river after work. It was so peaceful and beautiful. This city keeps surprising me.

Hope your weekend is filled with beauty, phone dates, and alone time! xoxo LMB

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  1. And I was just thinking that I need an "Ann" day - I have so many millions of photos to process from my 8 day trip to California National Parks!


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