Happy weekend!

What's up this weekend for you guys? Soaking up those last few weekends of the summer? My dear friend Ingrid is in town for a visit, so when I'm not at work I'll be fitting in fun things. We might try to see this show on Sunday. Doesn't it look fun (and nerdy)?

A few weekend links:

Writer Paul Miller is going a year without internet. He's three months in. Could you do it?

I can't wait to get back to Houston so I can use my brand new bike basket. Isn't it adorable?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Paul Ryan.

I've pre-ordered this and this. I'll be cooking up a storm this fall!

Such a sweet article. And a fascinating glimpse into the future.

Want to be friends?

I took this shot of the Brooklyn Bridge the other night after dinner. City lights at night make me happy.

Wishing you lots of fresh guacamole, laughter, and heart-to-heart talks this lovely weekend! xoxo LMB

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