Happy weekend!

What's going on with you this weekend, friends? Our very brief time at home has sadly come to an end (already?!) and we are headed to New York tomorrow. I'm bummed about leaving home, but very happy that CM gets to come with me for a bit! Let's delay that inevitable goodbye as long as possible, I say.

In the meantime:

I love me some Terry Gross.

Very excited about Gretchen Rubin's new book club. And her new book!

Our friend Ryan is the Sound Bites feature in Opera News this month. Rock. Star.

All of these recipes sound completely amazing.

I just bought this jacket. Polka dots for the win!

Last adorable cat photo for a while (sniff):

Hope your weekend is filled with Pimm's cups, sunshiney days, and backyard barbecues. xoxo LMB

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