Happy Labor Day weekend!

What's on the docket for the long weekend, friends? Are you going out of town or staying home and grilling? I, as I may have mentioned a few times or a hundred, am going home for the weekend! I fly out after rehearsal tomorrow night and stay until Tuesday afternoon. I'm so ready to be there.

I'll be back to posting on Tuesday (a new Home on the Road is coming next week!), but in the meantime, some links:

Being a huge fan of Ira Glass (maybe more so now that I attended a Q & A in which he was mercilessly mean to everyone who asked questions), I loved this article. Also this one. Do you listen to This American Life? I subscribe to the free podcast. My favorite episode ever is this one.

I'm trying to lay off the sweets, but surely a little 70% dark chocolate never hurt anyone, right? This one is winning at the moment (I found it at Whole Foods).

This made me cry (although not as much as this, obvs, or, you know, this).

Have you seen this infographic (apparently now a real word)? Fascinating.

Mezzo-soprano Elizabeth DeShong is doing a 365 project, taking one picture a day for the year. She posts her lovely pictures to her blog. It's a wonderful window into the traveling life of an opera singer.

Expect cat pictures next week(!), but for now, how about a picture from my lunch break yesterday? The NYC weather is really gorgeous these days, and the lawn overlooking Lincoln Center was open!

Hope your weekend is filled with safe travels, happy reunions, and chilled rosé! xoxo LMB


  1. Travel safe and enjoy your weekend with CM!!

  2. Have a safe trip! I hope you get to see the blue moon - if you are sitting on the portside, that is...

    1. Sorry, wrong date, no blue moon...


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