Somewhere out there...

One night in Italy we looked out the window of our hotel room and saw a huge, beautiful moon. I got out my camera right away and started snapping away, but all my pictures looked terrible—the moon was blown out without any of the detail I could see with my eyes, and the background was grainy and gray.

CameraMan to the rescue! Here was his advice for taking great moon pics: Expose for the moon, not for the background. That meant bumping the ISO down to 400 (instead of 1600, which is what I usually use at night) and bumping the shutter speed way up to 1/200 or 1/400 of a second. The results? A much more detailed moon and a much less grainy night sky.

Apparently this is also the best technique for taking stage pictures of someone in a spotlight. It’s good to have a CameraMan around when you need him.

Photos by LMB


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