Happy weekend!

Friends, what are you up to this weekend? We're getting on the train and heading to the land of beer and chocolate for some R & R—we are intentionally making absolutely no plans for the weekend.

Some links for your weekend:

We bought this pocket guide to Munich, and then found out they have an app (the "Around Me" feature was so great to have while we were there)! They have lots of other cities as well—we've already downloaded the NYC app. It doesn't tell you about sightseeing, just shows you fantastic bars, cafés, and out-of-the-way spots to check out.

This makes me very happy (keep clicking Tom's face for more).

It's hard to keep up with the news when you're traveling (actually, sometimes when you're not traveling also). I'm loving Evening Edition, which tells me, in condensed form, what's happened during the day.

Loved this article about making friends after 30. Sigh.

We saw some of Dina Bova's photography in a Munich gallery. I particularly love the "Allegories and Modern Mythology" series.

LMB is on Facebook now! "Like" me and you'll see updates every time I post.

And… a picture of one of the Glyndebourne sheep. Next week I expect I'll be back to posting Bossy Cat pics (we go home on Thursday!).

Hope your weekend is full of cold beer, outdoor cafés, and long walks. xoxo LMB

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