Happy Olympics weekend!

Friends, what are you up to this weekend? I'm hoping to conquer this jet lag (we were wide awake at 4am this morning, despite going to bed as late as possible) and get reacquainted with our house. We're having friends over for a little open house on Sunday, which might be the only time that I tear myself away from Olympics coverage. Will you be watching? We were just in London for a day before flying back, and Olympics fever was in the air. I caught the bug!

Some linky goodness for your weekend:

A handy guide to Olympics coverage on American TV.

Forbes ranked Houston as America's Coolest City! We tend to agree.

It's too hot for sticky lotion legs. I've been using this body oil all summer, and I love it!

I am hugely excited about this new camera. Might be the perfect solution—I get tired of lugging my heavy one around.

I can't get enough of Flula. Maybe start with this one. Or this one. I can't decide!

Are you following me on Facebook yet? Pretty please?

Back to posting adorable cat pictures (for the next week, anyway—then I'm off again):

Hope your weekend is full of air conditioning (the American kind), boozy get-togethers, and Olympic glory. xoxo LMB

Photos by LMB


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for the guide to Olympics on American TV - I was just searching for an app and just about gave up.

    In regards to the camera - it looks like a perfect marriage between Canon G12 and the Rebel series... i love both my rebel and G12 equally...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. So far my favorite Olympic event was the Queen skydiving out of a helicopter with James Bond.


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