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Between the two of us, CameraMan and I have thousands upon thousands of digital photos, taking up virtual space much like my parents' boxes of photo prints (and slides, remember those?) take up physical space. What are we ever going to do with all these photos? Sure, we could upload them to some other virtual location, but they'll just end up sitting there without us looking at them again. So I'm always looking for ways to display our photos, you know, in our actual house. Of course, we could just print and frame them, but sometimes I want to go for something more creative.

Here are a few ideas that I've come up with so far:

On one wall of our bedroom, I've hung a magnetic photo rope  with pictures of our love locks that I added the city and date to and then printed at CVS. The wall decal is by Shanna Murray. (Sidebar: we bought another lock so that we could lock it on the Tower Bridge when we were in London for a day, but apparently all the locks got cut off to prepare for the Olympics. So our love lock number is still 2.)

At ixxi, you can upload your photos, crop them into squares on the website, and in a couple weeks they'll send you a stack of square cards and a bunch of little plastic doohickies to attach them to each other. Then you hang it on the wall with adhesive that they provide, and voila! Art. This guy hangs on our huge dining room wall, which needed something dramatic. I chose all black and white or sepia toned photos, but the possibilities are endless.

We are also awash in Instax photos. I rigged this little installation in our stairwell using string and silver mini binder clips. It makes me smile every time I climb the stairs.

We use these adhesive frames on one wall of our living room (we thought it would be temporary, but now we love them). I also made CM an album of our wedding photos for his birthday last year at Pinhole Press, and it's completely gorgeous.

Tell me, what are you doing with all your photos? I'd love more ideas.

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  1. I like what you've done. I need to think outside the frame and have some fun with my photos. Whit's been dying for me to make a photo collage thing for her wall and I think ixxi might just help me do what I need to look for.

    Looks great! Thanks for the inspiration!


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