Brussels is the new hut


When we originally planned our summer trip, we had a gap of several days between Munich and Bayreuth, so we decided to stay in an Alpine hut (though not a very rustic one). We planned to laze around in our pjs, take scenic hikes, and have long discussions of the really big questions: What do we want our life to look like? What are our priorities? What should we be saving money for? Where do we want to be in 5 years? The hut became our shorthand for conversations we didn't want to just have on the fly, conversations that needed time and concentration—we even made up a new German adjective for them: hüttig (how's that for a window into our own special brand of nerdery?).

Then our Bayreuth dates got swapped around, and geographically the hut no longer seemed to make as much sense for us. Plus, having spent the last 6 weeks together (when does THAT ever happen?), it's amazing how many of those big questions get discussed, no hut required.

So… we're going to Brussels instead, for 5 nights. Brussels is the new hut. Because it's between here and London (we fly home from Heathrow). Because I've always wanted to take the Eurostar. Because we've never been. Because we love beer, oh and also we love chocolate.

New hut
All we know so far is that we're staying in this gorgeous hotel and will most likely be eating in this yummy restaurant (on a hot tip from someone who knows).

Tell me, have you been to Brussels? What should we do? Where should we go? What should we make sure not to miss? I'd love your recommendations.

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