And… we're back!

It's 6:30pm and we're still awake, so that's a good thing. Here we are on our very own couch in our very own living room, with our blissful cat curled up within petting distance of both of us. We're home! I haven't been here for longer than a few hours since April(!), and I'm so very happy to be home.

The flight home was unexpectedly smooth. We did this sneaky thing where we booked an aisle seat and a window seat in the hopes that nobody would book the middle seat, and it worked! We had an empty seat between us so we could stretch out (and avoid climbing over strangers when we had to use the restroom). Then there was video on demand on individual screens and we discovered Boss, a fascinating TV show about a fictional Chicago mayor played by Kelsey Grammar. They had the entire first season: 8 55-minute episodes, and we watched them ALL! So we had no trouble filling the 9 1/2-hour flight.

On the agenda for tonight? Salad for dinner (detox starts NOW) and no sleeping allowed until at least 9pm. And lots of Bossy Cat snuggles, of course.

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  1. Welcome back home! I hope you enjoy and that you get awhile to do so.


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