My particular brand of spring fever

In the past couple weeks I've been plagued by near-constant Vienna nostalgia accompanied by a solid dose of general Europe-missing. Combined with all the usual wishing for home and CM and the Bossy Cat, emotionally I've been a bit of a mess. This despite the fact that New York has been utterly gorgeous, springing into Spring with total abandon—outdoor seating popping up at every cafĂ©, ballet flats appearing on the feet of every stylish Manhattan girl, park benches overflowing with canoodling couples. Leave it to me to be wishing I were somewhere else instead of enjoying it.

I thought I was alone in feeling this way, but when I made an offhand remark in an email to a friend that I was enjoying the weather but ready to go home, he wrote back, “Yes, this weather is inspiring spring-ish fever and nostalgia and all kinds of emotional things. I bet you're ready for being home.” YES! That was exactly what I was experiencing, wrapped up in one sentence by someone I don't even know all that well. So perhaps I'm not the only one… What say you, readers? Are you suffering from spring nostalgia these days?

I'm back home in Houston as of last night for a good long month off (yay!), and that seems to have assuaged the spring fever somewhat, although a large part of me is longing to whisk CM off on an impromptu tour of Europe. Seems to me that the only thing for it is to relive some of our oh so brief glory days, in the form of devoting this week's posts to sharing the rest of our wedding and perhaps a bit of our honeymoon. I hope you'll indulge me in a little walk down (recent-ish) memory lane. Blame it on springtime.

Stay tuned for a wedding post this evening!

Photo taken by me on June 5, 2011


  1. I know exactly how you feel - gorgeous here in STL but I was severely missing Alaska - that's what I'm homesick for...

  2. You cannot create memories all the time.

    I like the crazy photo of the whatchemecallit in Vienna...


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