Happy weekend!

Friends, what are you up to this weekend? I'll be staying in air conditioning as much as possible (87°F here in Houston both days!) and trying out a Yoga for Runners class. I'm crossing my fingers that Legs McGee might come visit for the day tomorrow (she's currently working in Dallas) so that we can get mani-pedis and eat Texas BBQ.

While I'm attempting not to overheat, some links for your weekend:

CM was home sick yesterday with a man cold. Poor little bunny.

I'm making this for dinner tonight with some of the spoils of our weekly Farmhouse Delivery. Yum!

Clearly, I need to see more ballet. There's been a slow-motion ballet video going around—have you seen this Houston one?

I've had some various odd sized European posters and prints just waiting for similarly odd sized frames. Poster Frame Depot to the rescue! Things are actually going up on our walls, wonder of wonders.

Speaking of things for our walls, I would love to fill our home with the work of Shanna Murray. Isn't it lovely?

This week on Instagram:

My sweet girl

Farmhouse Delivery, week 1

CM brought these flowers home to brighten our brunch table.

She's not supposed to be up here, but who could deny her what she wants?

New poster in the entryway

Too many cat pics? Pretend this is a photo of an awesome Vespa throw pillow instead.

Giant container of salad we went through in a week! Health 2012!

Hope your weekend is filled with fresh food, girlfriends, and pampering! xoxo LMB


  1. Hope CM feels better. I'm definitely checking out the Poster place when I get back - I have some weird size posters too.

    I'm headed to Anchorage Alaska for a few days of fun - especially since a lot of people up there don't know I'm coming!

  2. I miss you!!


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