Happy weekend!

My lovelies, what do you have planned this spring weekend? It's my first weekend at home in so long, so we're going all out. Tomorrow morning we're getting up before the crack of dawn to go on a hot air balloon ride! Sunday I'm making these for brunch, and in the evening CM and I will mix cocktails and watch Mad Men. Somewhere in there I might debut my new bright blue jeans—how are y'all feeling about the colored denim trend?

Some links while I'm adventuring:

This resonated with me so much today. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day (or in the fact that noisy construction is happening on BOTH sides of your house all day long, for example)—it's good to be reminded of how lucky we are.

We're getting our first Farmhouse Delivery tomorrow! I'm so excited for all the vegetables. Houstonians, I'll let you know all about it. For the rest of you, look at the pretty.

I'm loving the NY Times' new series on writing: Draft. So much food for thought in there.

I'm currently reading this and finding it totally fascinating. On my To Read list: this, this, and this. What else should be on there?

We took advice from Dinner: A Love Story and bought this pan for our breakfast eggs. HIGHLY recommend. Also, when I'm alone and allowed to make poached eggs (CM will only eat scrambled) I use these. So easy.

This week on Instagram:

Yes, she is always this cute. Especially on a pillow on my lap.

Tulips on the mantel

Cocktail hour

Longest/furthest run ever

Instax art installation in the stairwell—mostly pics of our wedding & honeymoon

My new hippie shoes. Possibly the most comfortable shoes that have ever existed.

Hope your weekend is full of sunrise adventures, decadent meals with friends, and Mad Men-era cocktails. xoxo LMB


  1. I'm finally having a quiet weekend here - my major work project is finally over. Recently, I've been encouraged by an award-winning photographer to seriously pursue my photography, so I'm trying to figure out where to start!

  2. Louisa those pancakes look soooo good!! I have saved the recipe for when my family comes - and that saute pay is beautiful - I'm coveting the 8 in and 12 in in blue - you never know - just a click away :-)


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