Happy weekend!

What do you have planned this fine weekend? I will be doing very little other than recovering from the broken? sprained? bruised? toe I stubbed this morning and then ran on like a fool. Ouch. Also, I'll be pining for my sweet husband who has the whole weekend off but is all the way over in Houston (I've been back in NYC since Wednesday). Happily, I get to see him again in a week!

While I'm icing my poor toe, have fun exploring some links:

For you runner types, I'm loving this Runner's World page that helps you figure out what to wear based on the weather. Very helpful when you haven't quite learned the difference between 35° and 40° for your run.

I'm getting excited about my next project.

Wishing for this pretty necklace.

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than movie previews before the feature. Right now I'm especially fond of this and this. Can't wait to see the movies!

An obligatory shot of my sweet cat (who was extremely happy to have me home for a few days):

Hope your weekend is filled with healing, comfy pants, and hot drinks! xoxo LMB


  1. I like your next project, this, and this. Wish I could attend the tale...

  2. You're working on the Sweeney Todd??? That is my all time favorite show. I

    We will definitely have to hang on while you're in town... and maybe go on a photo adventure.

    COCA (my new workplace) even centered a camp around Sweeney... no kidding.


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