Happy Superbowl weekend!

What do you have going on this weekend? Will you be watching the game? No football for me. I'm leaving for New York for 6 weeks (I can't get enough Don Giovanni) on Sunday, so CM and I are cramming in some together time tomorrow. We're going to go test-drive a Fiat 500 (the perfect second car to our SUV, don't you think?), and then have a proper date night—dinner at a restaurant we've been wanting to try that serves Italian small plates, and maybe a movie! It's going to be hard to say goodbye.

While I'm gazing lovingly into my husband's eyes, I'll leave you with these links:

After reading about my dolphin love, the Airstream Diva sent me this video. GAH! I cannot imagine anything better.

We've been looking for CD storage that is not the IKEA Benno shelves for our ridiculous opera recording collection. I don't think CM will go for it, but how fun is this?

Read this. It's fantastic.

CM took a new headshot of me the other day. You can see it here. (I'm pretty sure they call that "burying the lead.")

I'm wishing for this to continue my meat-braising experiments. You can brown the meat in there, too! Sadly, I think I have to hold myself back from buying more kitchen appliances (last month I bought a juicer AND a food processor).

Look at this pretty girl (photo taken by CM):

Hope your weekend is filled with friends, celebration, and lots and lots of fried food! xoxo LMB


  1. WOW on the Lyric debut AS THE DIRECTOR! Very cool!

    I'm not much for the Superbowl - I watch the commercials myself... and cross-stitch otherwise... but I'm a bi handicapped this year so we'll see.

    Enjoy your last weekend fun with husband - that restaurant looks amazing!

  2. Director! Woo! I know you will do a smashing job.

    1. Thanks, Laurie! I hope you're right.

  3. Like, like, like, don't know, LIKE, like. Is the FIAT 500 going to fit in you hand luggage?


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