Getting back on the horse (or your metaphor of choice)

I seem to have fallen off the blogging wagon with a vengeance over the last couple weeks. If it's any consolation, my dear readers, you are not all that I've neglected during that time. Other things I haven't done include (but are not limited to):

  • responding to emails
  • returning phone calls
  • running
  • saying no to cupcakes
  • saying no to cookies
  • saying no to cannoli
  • having a social life

I have, however, prepped, rehearsed, and opened a show, so there's that.

Happily, now that the show is open my duties consist mostly of going to the performances, with the odd rehearsal thrown in here and there. Which means FREE TIME! for blogging and other pursuits (and perhaps most excitingly, going home to Houston and CM for a few days between shows). When the weather's bad I'll hole up in a café studying scores, or I'll catch a new exhibit, or I'll sit in a dark theater watching a movie. When the weather's good I'll run around the Central Park Reservoir, or sit on a park bench reading Henri Murger, or explore new neighborhoods on foot. Who knows, I might even start answering emails. And I will do my utmost to update this space on a more regular basis.

What do you say? Are you with me?


  1. Agreed! I figured you were mired in 'new show' mode! Glad you get to see CM/Houston/BossyCat!


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