Happy weekend!

My dears, what fantastic things do you have planned for the weekend? Lazy days in pjs? Productive errand-running? My weekend is jam-packed: my very first 5K race tomorrow morning(!), the HD broadcast of Enchanted Island (I'll be at my local movie theatre eating popcorn), and crossing off another Bossy List item (more to come on that). CM doesn't get a free day this week, but I'm in denial about that and making lots of plans anyway.

Some linky goodness for your Friday:

Do you think my wardrobe could handle another bicycle dress? Bear in mind that I do not currently own a bicycle.


I'm trying not to get overexcited about this. I am failing.

This makes me proud of my adopted hometown.

This book arrived today. Can't wait to start cooking from it!

Look at this pretty girl. Not sure why I would ever leave the house.

Hope your weekend is full of new challenges, dinner parties, and belly laughs! xoxo LMB

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  1. 5K AND Enchanted Island? Take it easy... I'm surprised you didn't get the kindle edition of the cook book... [and I am glad blogger deletes all the double spaces from my comment...]


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