Happy weekend!

Friends, what are you up to on this first weekend of the year? CameraMan is going out of town for work, so the Bossy Cat and I will be on our own to entertain ourselves. I'm making plans: a dinner party tonight, some quality Shelby time tomorrow (she'll be 3 this year!), and a 30-minute run on Sunday (without CM—we'll see how that goes).

Some links for  your Friday:

The Bossy Folks introduced me to this. If you come to our house any time in the next month, we will probably make you watch it.

I love this! So true—#24 especially made me laugh. (via @rahree)

Now that I'm running, I can eat whatever I want, right? Well, I want this.

Because I wasn't missing Vienna enough. Thanks a lot, NY Times.

I wish these people were our friends.

I took this picture at the zoo this week:

Remind you of anyone??

Here's hoping your weekend is full of sunshine, clementines, and cashmere! xoxo LMB

Photos by LMB

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  1. My first weekend is spent at work - our show, In the Loop2 - debuts. Hip Hop and Modern dancing.

    Our January is well... a zoo. Very few days off.

    So I'll be finishing a 60-70 hour week followed by a semi-quiet Monday where I start training with one of my dogs to do pet therapy.

    And, posting my first photo!

    As for sunshine... it is unseasonably warm here - I'm hoping to enjoy some of it.

    Please give Shelby and LMH my love!


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