Happy MLK Jr Weekend!

Happy long weekend, folks (well, those of you with normal jobs anyway)! What are you up to? We're having a date night in tonight, one of CM's last free evenings for a long time. I'm cooking and we're going to watch Moneyball. This weekend Houston is hosting the marathon Olympic trials on Saturday, and a friend of ours is running the Houston Marathon on Sunday. I'm hoping to see some of both to get inspired.

While I'm ogling runners, here are some links for your weekend:

In honor of the holiday, check out these gorgeous photos of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

We're supposed to be on a diet, but I made these this afternoon. The brown butter makes them taste sort of like caramel. I'll be sending those to work with CM tomorrow—can't keep them in the house!

I'm trying to decide between this and this for our kitchen. I'd hate to be too matchy-matchy with our Eiffel tower.

Any fabulous arts admin types looking for a summer gig? You should be so lucky.

I'm officially a convert to Chrome, and not only because it hasn't mysteriously lost all my bookmarks (I'm looking at you, Firefox). Try it!

This is what's happening at our house, pretty much all the time:

Here's wishing you a weekend full of inspiration, movie nights, and snuggly kitties! xoxo LMB


  1. I'm having a 5 day weekend actually - St Louis actually finally got a winter... and I am going to go stir crazy...

    ...see I broke the middle finger of my right hand... so I'm a little handicapped at the moment...

    ... but I still plan on trying to get out and take some pictures. Hopefully.

    I vote the Guten Tag to represent your almost year overseas!

    1. Ouch! Broken bones plus winter might equal good excuses to stay on the couch!


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