Adios, 2011!

Oh, 2011, I wasn't sure that 2010 could be topped, and then you came along. This was a big year, Texas big. Big decisions, big changes, big milestones, big rewards. I'm reflecting on the extraordinary last 12 months of my life, and I'm feeling lucky and grateful to be spending this last day of the year with my CameraMan, the Bossy Folks, and my adorable Bossy Cat here in our home sweet Houston. What a year it has been.

I opened and closed Le Comte Ory, Madame Butterfly, Don Giovanni, and Rodelinda. I can be seen for slightly longer than 5 seconds in an Associated Press video.

I started a 365 project…again. Then I ended it long before the year was up…again.

We settled in to our life in Vienna and found time to travel in Europe: to Florence, to Paris, to the Austrian countryside.  We locked love padlocks in Florence and in Paris. We figured out our travel style.

I continued my Home on the Road feature with Elise Sandell and Katharine Goeldner. Then I forgot about it. Perhaps it's time for a revival, no?

I became an aunt to our beautiful niece Josee, which did absolutely nothing to temper the baby kraziness.

I did some wedding planning.

I crossed off exactly ONE item on my Bossy List: #44. Ack!*

Best day of the year/my entire life: we got married. While we made merry with our friends and family, and then without them on our honeymoon, I posted about happy marriages I know.

We moved back to Houston after almost exactly a year in Vienna. We immediately began the Great Acquisition of 2011 (not to be confused with the Great Purge of 2010) and haven't let up since.

I spent 200 days with CM—a big improvement on last year's 165.

I got busy and stopped blogging entirely. I'm thinking about changing that.

If the past two years are any indication, it would be presumptuous on my part to make too many plans for 2012. Anything can happen, and no day is too ordinary to bring life-changing news. I'm staying open to possibilities.

Happy New Year, y'all.

Tschüß, 2010!
Addio, 2009
Adieu, 2008

*UPDATE: CM has pointed out that actually, I should have crossed off #64 quite a while ago, round about the 9th of July, in fact. Need I say more about that?


  1. Hi Louisa,

    Yes! Definitely start blogging regularly again! I miss you when you are too busy, but glad you are well. The very best New Year to you and CM!

  2. I think you had quite a year - and I'm hoping you'll keep blogging when you feel it - I've neglected my blog as well!

    Also, didn't you cross these off?

    Live in Europe for at least a year.

    Make someone cry from happiness. (Did CM cry at the wedding?)

    Fall in love. Make it stick.

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Kathy - Happy New Year to you! Perhaps we should make tandem New Year's resolutions to blog more! :)

  4. Ann - Sadly, we didn't make it quite to a year in Europe (and I definitely wasn't there enough to justify fudging it). You are absolutely right about making someone cry from happiness (CM is such a crybaby). :) As for the last one, call me superstitious but I feel like it might be tempting fate to cross that one off. All the best to you in 2012!


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